Wi-Fi Home Design

Wi-Fi Home Design


住宅Wi-Fi®已经从便利性设施发展成为人们意料之中必有的设施了。Wi-Fi是一种为日益增加的智能住宅产品和系统提供支持的平台,所提供的连接已成为家庭生活必不可少的组成部分。Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design™是Wi-Fi Alliance®的一项认证计划,可帮助建筑商、服务提供商和网络设计师提供内置于住宅的Wi-Fi网络,这种Wi-Fi网络可在单住户和多住户住宅中提供全面覆盖,并能够最大限度减小来自附近其他Wi-Fi网络的干扰。

搬进家的住户相信,水电服务一旦购买完成,打开开关就能得到水电供应。Wi-Fi Home Design™为Wi-Fi住宅网络提供同样的质量保证。Wi-Fi Home Design计划将专业设计的Wi-Fi网络直接集成到住宅建筑平面图和网络设计中。每个楼层平面图都是专门设计的,以基于住宅大小、楼层数量、相邻网络和墙体构造,使Wi-Fi全面覆盖整个住宅。Wi-Fi Home Design计划凭借高质量、双频段Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™设备和专业安装,可将覆盖全面的高性能网络嵌入到独栋住宅、公寓、联排别墅、二联式住宅和规划的社区之中。


Wi-Fi Home Design不仅使建筑商、工程设计公司和家庭互联网服务提供商能够实现产品差异化,而且最终能够使购房者、业主和多户住宅的住户感到便利、安心并获得出色的用户体验。

对于新住宅,住宅建造完成后,无需购买和安装Wi-Fi接入点。Wi-Fi Home Design网络是即住即用式的,对于新住宅和现有住宅,Wi-Fi家庭设计网络包含Wi-Fi认证设备,并为将来容纳新的智能住宅设备和系统而进行了优化。

Wi-Fi Home Design网络提供:

  • 全住宅覆盖:无论在家中哪个位置,包括阳台、露台、平台和相邻室外区域,基于住宅各项规格参数的最佳接入点布局可实现可靠、一致的覆盖。
  • 出色的用户体验:凭借最新的双频段Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™设备,Wi-Fi Home Design网络很容易同时满足从4K视频流到激烈的在线游戏的多种流量需求。
  • 持久的满意度:Wi-Fi Home Design网络考虑了未来互联生活和Wi-Fi使用量会随着时间的推移而增长的情况,因此允许非常容易地在家中增加越来越多的智能生活设备和系统。

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program avoid interference from other nearby networks?

In multi-family residences, interference is minimized through channel assignments and optimization of transmission signal power during the design stage – prior to installation. Radio frequency analysis from room-to-room and unit-to-unit ensures maximum performance with minimal interference.


Why has Wi-Fi Alliance created a home certification?

Home Wi-Fi is a necessity. Builders are pre-installing Wi-Fi into new homes and internet service providers are ready to improve their home Wi-Fi offering. Wi-Fi Alliance worked with the home building community to create a program that ensures Wi-Fi installations provide homes and multi-family buildings with reliable, consistent coverage and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment to provide a turnkey, high-performance Wi-Fi experience.


What types of homes are this certification for?

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design certification is for single-family detached homes and multi-family buildings, also known as multi-dwelling units, such as condominiums, townhomes, and apartment buildings.  The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design certification may be submitted by a builder at the new construction phase or added by a service provider or network installer at a later date.


What is the process for getting a floor plan certified?

For builders and Wi-Fi network installers to certify their design offerings:

  • Join Wi-Fi Alliance. Members at the Contributor level may receive Wi-Fi Home Design certification.
  • Follow the Wi-Fi Home Design program guidelines, which are available to members.
  • Submit all required information to Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • Once all program requirements are met and verified, the vendor’s floor plan receives certification.

Please note:

  • For single-family homes, each floor plan receives a separate and unique certification based upon that plan meeting the program’s requirements. For multi-dwelling buildings, the entire building must meet Wi-Fi Home Design requirements.
  • Program guidelines require that the member collect and submit a package of information describing specific information about the home network design associated with each floor plan. Information includes, but is not limited to:
    • Number and type of access points to be deployed
    • Site survey of the entire floor plan
    • Equipment list, and other information as appropriate

Will my existing router work with a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design home?

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design homes and multi-family residences contain pre-installed, high-performance Wi-Fi CERTIFIED APs. Wi-Fi Home Design plans integrate the most recent technology available to provide a successful Wi-Fi experience.