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家庭中的Wi-Fi已經從便利設施發展成為預期的實際用途。作為越來越多的智慧家居產品和系統的支援平臺,Wi-Fi帶來的連通性是家庭生活的重要組成部分。Wi-Fi 家居認證計畫™是由Wi-Fi聯盟提供認證的項目,它可以讓新的房屋建築商在家裡以及室外生活空間提供內置的Wi-Fi網路。






  • 全家庭覆蓋:基於家居規範的接入點優化配置,提供可靠的、一致的覆蓋,不論網站的位置,包括車庫、庭院和甲板。
  • 卓越的用戶體驗:採用最新的雙波段Wi-Fi 認證™ ac設備,Wi-Fi家居設計網路很容易適應各種各樣的流量需求——從4K視頻流到激烈的同時線上遊戲。
  • 持久滿意度:Wi-Fi家居設計網路考慮到未來的聯網生活和Wi-Fi的使用,允許越來越多的智慧生活設備和系統在家裡輕鬆實現。




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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why has Wi-Fi Alliance created a home certification?

    Home owners require wireless connectivity in their homes and builders are beginning to pre-install Wi-Fi into new homes. Wi-Fi Alliance worked with the home building community to create a program that ensures their installations provide new homes with reliable, consistent coverage and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment to provide a turnkey, high performance Wi-Fi experience in the home.

  • What types of homes are this certification for?

    Currently, the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design certification is for newly built, single-family, detached dwellings.

  • What is the process for getting a floorplan certified?

    For builders to certify their design offerings:

    • Join Wi-Fi Alliance as a Contributor or Small Business Introductory Participant member to be eligible to apply for the Wi-Fi Home Design certification
    • Follow the Wi-Fi Home Design program guidelines, which are available internally to members
    • Submit all required information to Wi-Fi Alliance
    • Once all program requirements are met and verified, the vendor’s floorplan receives certification

    Please note:

    • Each home design, or floorplan, receives a separate and unique certification based upon that plan meeting the program’s requirements
    • Program guidelines require that the member collect and submit a package of information describing specific information about the home network design associated with each floorplan. Information includes, but is not limited to:
      • Number and type of access points to be deployed
      • Site survey of the entire floorplan
      • Equipment list, and other information as appropriate
  • If I remodel my home can I get a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED floorplan?

    The first stage for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design program is for newly built homes. Future stages of the program may address the existing home market.

  • Will my existing router work with a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design home?

    To be considered a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design plan, new home buyers should retire their existing equipment. Wi-Fi Home Design plans integrate the most recent technology to provide the most successful Wi-Fi experience.