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Wi Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Aware™是Wi-Fi聯盟的全新認證項目,它通過即時、節能的發現機制,提升Wi-Fi的性能,為用戶帶來當地即時的優質體驗。Wi-Fi Aware能够在創建連接之前,不斷發現Wi-Fi覆蓋範圍內的其他設備與服務,為Wi-Fi CERTIFIED設備提供持續發現基於周邊資源的服務的功能。用戶透過Wi-Fi Aware很容易就能找到本地區內與其偏好設置相匹配的可用資訊與服務 – 並且Wi-Fi Aware進行了功能升級,即便在擁擠的環境中亦能够運行暢。Wi-Fi Aware將成為開啟個性化的社交體驗、本地體驗以及移動體驗的關鍵,用戶在建立連接之前就能夠查找視頻遊戲競爭對手、共用媒體內容,以及獲得本地化的資訊。

Wi-Fi Aware帶來更豐富的鄰近資源體驗

  • 在沒有GPS、蜂窩網絡或熱點連接的情況時,提供設備相互持續發現的功能
  • 這項技術設計合理,能够在擠擁的環境與室內,高效率地工作
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED意味著它能够在Wi-Fi覆蓋範圍內運行,並且支援多個設備品牌
  • 支援雙向小片段資訊的共享,如位置數據資料、感測器讀數以及周邊服務
  • 應用能輕鬆切換至Wi-Fi連接,用戶即可以享用高寬頻
  • Wi-Fi Aware以應用為中心,用戶可控制私隱,選擇顯示或隱藏身份資料
  • 利用用戶周邊資源的自主特性,為創新應用提供支援

Wi-Fi Aware認證項目現已上市。

  • Wi-Fi Aware™: 發現周邊資源
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Wi-Fi Aware?

    Wi-Fi Aware delivers always-on, real-time discovery of what is available nearby, and provides an on-ramp to the kinds of rich here-and-now experiences people want. It establishes a common “heartbeat” that aligns communication windows to enable efficient, continuous discovery of devices and services. When a device discovers an interesting service, the device can initiate a high-performance Wi-Fi connection.

  • How does Wi-Fi Aware improve upon existing proximity technologies?

    Wi-Fi Aware improves on existing proximity offerings by delivering a truly here-and-now contextual awareness solution that works well indoors and in dense environments, without requiring a cellular, Wi-Fi, or GPS connection. The technology provides an easy onramp for a high-performance Wi-Fi connection and works at typical Wi-Fi range.

  • How will users experience Wi-Fi Aware?

    Wi-Fi Aware-enabled experiences will be application-driven, and users will be able to control privacy settings and opt-in to desired notifications. Users can configure an application to offer and/or seek services on nearby devices, exchanging basic information without making a connection to that device.

  • How does Wi-Fi Aware enable rich proximity-based experiences?

    When an interesting experience is found, the application can initiate a high-performance Wi-Fi connection, using Wi-Fi Direct or infrastructure Wi-Fi, to do things like sharing photos or playing a multiplayer game.

  • What is Wi-Fi Aware’s range?

    Wi-Fi Aware operates at typical Wi-Fi range.

  • What is the Wi-Fi Alliance specification underlying Wi-Fi Aware?

    Wi-Fi Aware is a certification program based on the Wi-Fi Alliance Neighbor Awareness Networking specification.

  • Will Wi-Fi Aware drain the battery on my mobile device?

    Wi-Fi Aware was designed to be very power efficient. Wi-Fi Aware devices establish clusters with a common “heartbeat” to exchange small messages about services available nearby. Continuous discovery can occur without putting undue burden on the battery of a mobile device.

  • On what frequency bands does Wi-Fi Aware operate?

    Wi-Fi Aware operates in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

  • Can my device be updated to support Wi-Fi Aware?

    Many devices are capable of receiving updates to support Wi-Fi Aware. Whether a device can receive software updates to add the new functionality or not comes down to individual device vendor implementation.

  • What is the relationship between Wi-Fi Aware and Wi-Fi Direct?

    Wi-Fi Aware provides an efficient mechanism for always-on service discovery, whereas Wi-Fi Direct provides data connectivity among groups of devices. The technologies are complementary. Once an interesting service is discovered, a device can initiate a high-performance connection using Wi-Fi Direct for data transfer related to the service, e.g. sharing photos or playing a multiplayer game.