Wi-Fi Vantage


Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™使用戶能夠更容易地選擇在機場、體育場、辦公室、園區、零售環境和服務提供者管理的住宅網路中提供最佳Wi-Fi體驗的設備。Wi-Fi Vantage™設備能夠用來安全、輕鬆地訪問Wi-Fi網路,並提供在設備密集、動態變化的環境中高效利用頻譜和網路資源的機制。

為了在最具挑戰性的Wi-Fi環境中提供最佳體驗,Wi-Fi Vantage採用了以下關鍵技術:

支援Wi-Fi Vantage的Wi-Fi網路管理器提供最佳使用者體驗以及無縫和安全的連接、更大的輸送量,並在不影響性能的前提下,允許更多設備在同一網路上運行。

Wi-Fi Vantage將繼續發展以採用最新技術,為用戶提供最好的Wi-Fi體驗。每一代新的Wi-Fi Vantage設備在訪問運營商Wi-Fi網路時,都將提供更高的設備性能和更短的網路連線時間。

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Optimized Connectivity™

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Optimized Connectivity通過採用IEEE 802.11ai、IEEE 802.11k和Wi-Fi Alliance技術,改善了移動中網路連接切換能力,以提供:

  • 優化的網路發現和選擇;
  • 鏈路品質評估;
  • 快速身份驗證;
  • 顯著降低的幀開銷。

Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity擴展了Wi-Fi Agile Multiband的優勢,在設備密集的環境中改善了Wi-Fi體驗。使用者在網路內部和網路之間漫遊時,將獲得更加一致的連接。

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which Wi-Fi Vantage technologies help quickly connect to another AP or another network?

    Wi-Fi Agile Multiband: Fast Basic Service Set (BSS) Transition, also known as Fast Transition, is based on IEEE 802.11r. Fast Transition enables devices to reauthenticate quickly with WPA2 security when roaming within the same Wi-Fi network, improving experience with latency sensitive applications such as voice over Wi-Fi.

    Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity: Fast Initial Link Setup (FILS) Authentication is a mechanism defined in IEEE 802.11ai to enable fast authentication to APs using WPA2-Enterprise security.

  • Why should end users purchase Wi-Fi Vantage devices?

    Devices that are certified for Wi-Fi Vantage represent the most recent and interoperable Wi-Fi technologies for managed networks. Users will experience fewer connection interruptions during calls or video streaming, even while traversing through a transportation hub like a large airport. These devices, when used in a Wi-Fi Vantage enabled network, bring a more seamless and consistent connection and therefore a better mobile experience.

  • What is a managed network?

    Managed networks are Wi-Fi networks, such as those operated in airports, stadiums, schools, office buildings, retail and hotel locations and other venues, that are “managed” by network administrators to optimize their coverage, performance, and network access. These networks are frequently open to the public or offer access to subscribers.

  • What features are available in Wi-Fi Vantage devices today?

    Wi-Fi Vantage will evolve over time to introduce more advanced features as they become available. Today, all Wi-Fi Vantage devices contain the following enhanced feature sets to offer users the best experience when connecting to managed Wi-Fi networks:

    • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint with Online Signup and Policy Provisioning
    • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac with advanced features of beamforming, concurrent dual band operation, and low density parity check  

    Wi-Fi Vantage adds the following feature sets to devices in 2018:

    • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Agile Multiband, enabling devices to quickly identify and transition to a recommended AP, frequency band, or channel that gives the best connection
    • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Optimized Connectivity improves roaming within a Wi-Fi network or to another network through optimized discovery, authentication, and reduced management frames
  • What features are planned for Wi-Fi Vantage devices in future generations?

    Future generations of Wi-Fi Vantage will add enhancements in network access, frequency band and channel management, and reduced connection times, resulting in improved roaming and management of Wi-Fi networks.