Wi-Fi Data Elements



為反映Wi-Fi網路健康狀況,Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Data Elements™建立了一套標準化的最重要的關鍵性能指標,例如網路上有多少設備、頻寬使用情況、信號強度和自由廣播時間。 收集這些資訊並將其傳送給網路系統管理員,網路系統管理員就常常可以在客戶注意到問題之前,主動並更有效地識別和解決Wi-Fi網路問題。


Wi-Fi Data Elements™定期收集網路狀態資訊,並根據請求將其發送給服務提供者。這使支援人員和網路運營商能夠更好地瞭解Wi-Fi網路性能。利用這些資料,網路監控和診斷工具可識別是否或何時出現Wi-Fi網路問題,從而使支援人員能夠識別問題並以更快的速度提出解決方案。

部署Wi-Fi Data Elements有益於整個運營商Wi-Fi網路生態系統。 網路運營商能夠及時瞭解客戶網路的Wi-Fi性能,而通過使用特定於Wi-Fi網路的標準化的關鍵性能指標,診斷/分析工具廠商也可受益,這些廠商可以開發更有效的工具。Wi-Fi Data Elements對於自組織網路是至關重要的。

以下特點使Wi-Fi Data Elements AP能夠更加主動地進行網路管理:

  • 確定Wi-Fi網路健康狀況的一套標準化的關鍵性能指標;
  • 資料可快速收集並送到一個標準化的資料模型中;
  • 資料模型與服務提供者高效通信,方便分析和診斷;
  • 支援單接入點(AP)和多AP網路;
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh 自組織多AP網路而優化。
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Wi-Fi Data Elements just for service providers and operators?

    While Wi-Fi Data Elements can benefit any network administrator, including an individual managing his or her own home network, its main purpose is to help service providers and operators provide high quality Wi-Fi service. Periodic delivery of a standardized data model helps those responsible for ensuring good service to more quickly and proactively address upcoming issues and provide solutions.

    Tools vendors also benefit from Wi-Fi Data Elements because they can develop to an accepted standard and reduce the number and complexity of proprietary implementations.

  • Is my privacy protected? Does the data model take my personal information?

    The information collected and sent in this program is high-level and does not interfere with privacy concerns. How many devices are on the network, use of bandwidth, signal strength measurements, and free airtime are examples of the types of data collected.

  • Is there a standard protocol or transport method to get the Wi-Fi Data Elements models from a device?

    There is a JSON/HTTP standard method of obtaining the Wi-Fi Data Elements model from a device.