Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint®是一種適用于全行業的解決方案,可簡化Wi-Fi接入,且無需使用者每次訪問網路時都進行尋找網路和驗證身份的操作。Passpoint接入點(AP)幾乎可以部署在從零售商店到企業、酒店、機場、體育場等大型運營商網路環境的任何地方。




  • 自動的網路發現和選擇;
  • 簡化的線上註冊和即時帳戶配置;
  • 無縫的網路接入和熱點之間的漫遊;
  • 增強的WPA3™安全性。


  • 支援移動資料卸載;
  • 支援跨運營商和服務提供者的Wi-Fi漫遊協定;
  • 提供吸引使用者並從網路獲取額外價值的機會;
  • 支援諸如Wi-Fi通話等基於Wi-Fi的服務;
  • 為企業和其他私有網路提供簡化的企業級設備配置和證書管理。


Passpoint是Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™的關鍵元件之一,Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™由若干項技術組成,顯著改善了運營商Wi-Fi網路的使用者體驗。Wi-Fi Vantage™設備既具有Passpoint輕鬆無縫的身份驗證的諸多好處,又可提供更好的資源管理、企業級安全性和高性能Wi-Fi,在富有挑戰性的網路環境中可造就更好的用戶體驗。

  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does Passpoint support service provider branding and customer relationships?

    Passpoint enabled mobile devices can choose networks based on a list of preferred (direct or partner) providers, specific services and/or the best performance characteristics. For service providers offering a managed experience, seamless authentication is a valuable element, and Passpoint networks also support deployments where a click-through screen is essential for acceptance of terms and conditions or branding.

  • How does Passpoint equipment support Wi-Fi roaming?

    Passpoint devices use industry-agreed uniform mechanisms for discovering and creating secured connections to hotspots. This allows a subscriber to experience seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to a hotspot anywhere in the world a user’s provider has roaming agreements. Passpoint is specified as a requirement for the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s industry work on Wi-Fi roaming.

  • What standards does Passpoint draw on?

    Passpoint makes use of elements of IEEE 802.1X, 802.11u, 802.11i, and WPA3™-Enterprise security, as well as some Wi-Fi Alliance defined mechanisms.

  • Who created the Passpoint program?

    Members of Wi-Fi Alliance created the program. The group which developed Passpoint includes service providers, mobile operators, fixed line operators, and makers of mobile devices and infrastructure equipment.

  • What does Passpoint mean for end users?

    Passpoint provides a better Wi-Fi user experience while mobile. Users with certified Passpoint devices can enjoy the benefits of streamlined network selection and secure connectivity at Passpoint enabled hotspots. Passpoint-enabled devices operate based on user preference.

  • What does Passpoint bring to hospitality?

    Hospitality chains may own many brands but a single consolidated rewards program. Without Passpoint, either the rewards program SSID needs to be added at every hotel or users’ phones must be configured with several SSIDs. Passpoint can function with a single profile that identifies the rewards program instead of a hotel SSID. When a user visits an associated property, their device will automatically identify the access point and connect.

  • Can existing equipment be upgraded for Passpoint?

    The hardware and software platform of a given device determines whether it can be upgraded in the field. Equipment that has previously undergone certification testing can be updated and resubmitted for Passpoint certification.

  • Can legacy clients join a network with Passpoint access points?

    Legacy mobile devices can connect to Passpoint access points configured for open system authentication, although they will not enjoy Passpoint features for network selection, automatic authentication, or expanded security. A user connecting to an open network with a legacy mobile device will manually find the available networks and then select and connect to the preferred network.

    The access points used in hotspot and enterprise networks are often configured to support multiple SSIDs (networks) on the same equipment; a configuration that offers a Passpoint-certified network and a separate open network allows Passpoint mobile devices to enjoy the full benefits while supporting legacy clients.

  • Does Passpoint support voice over Wi-Fi?

    The scope of Passpoint testing is to ensure that the mechanisms for seamless discovery and creation of a secured link are implemented correctly. It is application-agnostic.

  • What types of equipment are tested for Passpoint?

    Infrastructure equipment such as access points, and mobile and portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks have been certified. Passpoint is available on both SIM and non-SIM Wi-Fi devices.

  • Are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products protected by security?

    As of July 1, 2020, all new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices require WPA3. The only way to be sure that a product meets the latest security standards is to purchase only Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products.

  • How does Wi-Fi Alliance help ensure product compatibility and a good user experience for certified products?

    Compatibility and quality are achieved through testing of Wi-Fi products. Consumers should always look for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo to ensure the best user experience possible.