Since 2000, Wi-Fi Alliance® has developed certification programs and technologies that deliver quality Wi-Fi® experiences. Members have completed more than 80,000 certifications. Through industry-developed comprehensive testing, Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs ensure that Wi-Fi products from multiple manufacturers work well together. These certification programs are foundational to the rapid adoption and proliferation of Wi-Fi products in home, office, and public access locations around the world and underpin the success of Wi-Fi technology proliferation.

Only Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products have been tested to deliver interoperability with the latest technologies, and industry-standard security protections. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo gives consumers confidence that the Wi-Fi devices purchased deliver a positive user experience, regardless of brand. For retailers, vendors, and service providers, the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED seal of approval means consistent performance and better user experience.

Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs cover the following categories:


Only Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products are backward-compatible with earlier Wi-Fi versions operating in the same frequency band.

  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7: Based on IEEE 802.11be technology, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 enhances Wi-Fi performance in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands with cutting-edge capabilities that enable innovations that rely on high throughput, deterministic latency, and greater reliability. Wi-Fi 7 supports growing user demands for immersive, interactive technology, including AR/VR/XR, ultra-high definition video streaming, automotive, cloud computing, immersive gaming and entertainment, as well as mission-critical and industrial applications.
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6®: Based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 operates in 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 provides greater capacity, multi-gigabit data rates, better power efficiency, and high performance even in densely populated environments. Wi-Fi 6E introduces the advancements of Wi-Fi 6 into the 6 GHz spectrum.
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac: Associated with the fifth Wi-Fi generation, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac operates in 5 GHz and is capable of gigabit data rates. Key features include enhanced ability in processing a variety of data from multiple sources.
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow™: Operating in spectrum below 1 GHz, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow brings long range, low power Wi-Fi to devices and applications with constrained power requirements and need for long range connectivity
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n: Operating in both 2.4 and 5 GHz, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n is considered the fourth generation of Wi-Fi and is used today in many Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including wearables and smart televisions.
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig™: Utilizes the 60 GHz frequency band to enable extremely high performance, multi-gigabit connectivity and low latency for a range of applications, including wireless docking, augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), high-definition multimedia streaming, gaming, and networking.
  • Wi-Fi Direct®: Allows Wi-Fi client devices to connect directly to one another without use of an access point. Enables applications such as printing, content sharing, and wireless display. Wi-Fi Direct certifies products which implement technology defined in the Wi-Fi Direct Specification.


  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™: Most advanced security capabilities for personal and enterprise Wi-Fi networks; simplifies Wi-Fi security configuration and enhances network security protections.
  • Wi-Fi Enhanced Open™: Brings data protection to users in open networks without the need for user intervention
  • Protected Management Frames: Protected Management Frames extends security protections to unicast and multicast management action frames, maintaining the resiliency of mission-critical networks


  • Passpoint®: Enables seamless, secure network access. Passpoint helps Wi-Fi devices discover, select, and securely connect to Wi‑Fi access points and networks easily. Once a device contains a network’s credentials, it can seamlessly connect to the network on subsequent visits without further user action.The technology behind Passpoint is foundational to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™ which brings better user experiences in managed Wi-Fi networks as well as for OpenRoaming, Wireless Broadband alliance’s federated service.
  • Wi-Fi Easy Connect™: Simplifies device provisioning and configuration while maintaining network security, making onboarding smart home and IoT devices easier than ever
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™: Facilitates easy set-up of security features using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or other defined methods within the Wi-Fi device. Wi-Fi Protected Setup certifies products which implement technology defined in the Wi-Fi Protected Setup Specification.

Applications and Services

  • Miracast®: Provides seamless display of high-definition (HD) and 4K Ultra High-Definition (Ultra HD) content between devices, regardless of brand, without cables or a network connection. Miracast certifies products which implement technology defined in the Miracast Specification. Enhancements released in 2017 include 4K Ultra HD support, and extended battery life in mobile devices.
  • Voice-Enterprise: Supports a good experience with voice applications over Wi-Fi, enabling fast transitions between access points and providing management
  • Wi-Fi Aware™: Provides enhanced peer-to-peer communications, enabling devices within Wi-Fi® range to detect one another and exchange information and services without the need for network infrastructure. Wi-Fi Aware improves on existing peer-to-peer connectivity offerings by delivering here-and-now contextual awareness that empowers users to both find and utilize services that match their interests while on the go. Wi-Fi Aware works well indoors as well as in dynamic and dense environments, without requiring a cellular, infrastructure, or GPS connection.
  • Wi-Fi Location™: Delivers accurate indoor location through Wi-Fi networks, allowing location applications and services to operate indoors


  • TDLS (Tunneled Direct Link Setup): Allows network-connected devices to create a secure, direct link to transfer data more efficiently
  • Wi-Fi Agile Multiband™: Enables client devices and access points (APs) to exchange information so the Wi-Fi network can guide devices to the best bands, channels, and APs to maximize system efficiency and provide the best user experience.
  • Wi-Fi Data Elements™: Establishes a standardized set of key performance indicators for ensuring the health of Wi-Fi networks, enabling service providers to deliver better Wi-Fi service, potentially reduce customer support calls, and increase customer satisfaction; also provides a necessary foundation for Wi-Fi EasyMesh networks.
  • Wi-Fi EasyMesh™: Brings a standards-based approach to residential and small office Wi-Fi networks that utilize multiple access points. Wi-Fi EasyMesh delivers scalable, smart Wi-Fi networks that are easy to set up and manage. Supports advanced technologies of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E networks.
  • Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity™: Optimizes roaming and network selection in managed network environments through improved scanning, link quality metric assessment, faster initial authentication, and more efficient transmissions
  • Wi-Fi QoS Management™: Enables devices, applications, and network managers to prioritize traffic flows, providing consistent, end-to-end Quality of Service treatment, and quality experiences with real-time applications     
  • Wi-Fi Vantage™: Provides an ongoing evolution of advanced features to elevate the user experience in managed Wi-Fi networks
  • WMM® (Wi-Fi Multimedia™): Support for multimedia content over Wi-Fi networks enabling Wi-Fi networks to prioritize traffic generated by different applications using Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms. WMM certifies products which implement technology defined in the WMM Technical Specification.
  • WMM-Admission Control: Enhanced bandwidth management tools to optimize the delivery of voice and other traffic in Wi-Fi networks. WMM-Admission Control certifies products which implement technology defined in the WMM Technical Specification.
  • WMM-Power Save: Power savings for multimedia content over Wi-Fi networks - helps conserve battery life while using voice and multimedia applications by managing the time the device spends in sleep mode

RF Coexistence

  • CWG-RF: Developed with CTIA®, this is a test program developed for converged devices with both Wi-Fi and cellular technology. The testing provides detailed information about the performance of the Wi-Fi radio in a converged handset, as well as how the cellular and Wi-Fi radios interact with one another. Although this test program is not an element of Wi-Fi certification, completion of the testing is mandatory for Wi-Fi enabled handsets

Additional Capabilities

  • Power saving features: Enhances capabilities of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n by enabling longer battery life for devices through longer sleep periods and more efficient use of network exchanges
  • Wi-Fi Home Design™: Delivers whole home Wi-Fi coverage through professionally designed and installed Wi-Fi networks in homes and multi-dwelling residences such as condominiums, townhomes, and apartment complexes